Jungle Synergy Project

Principles and Objectives of the Project

The Jungle Synergy Project is a way to contribute to your own future on this planet while  joining creative communities of like-minded people.
Jungle Synergy Project encompasses large areas of the Amazon jungle and a community of sensible people who own this land.

„Our goal is to preserve the remaining life on the planet, control pollution of the planet (carbon footprint) and contribute to balancing the noosphere by preserving the jungle.“ Ecological expertise of the Amazon

Each plot of the project has a reliable legal and environmental status, ensuring transparency and appropriateness. While each plot is unique in configuration and size, together they form Jungle Synergy, and any of them can be chosen for purchase. Additionally, the project will continue to expand the territory of Jungle Synergy and increase the number of community members.

Jungle Synergy Project is your retirement platform. You are already preparing the platform for a safe and healthy life in the future.
Jungle Synergy Project is life in flow – energetically, up-to-date and technologically advanced.

Why do you need land in the jungle?

We know several reasons why you might need this. Select one or more and set the priorities for yourself.

1. You are concerned about the state of the environment on the planet and you are ready to take concrete measures to change the situation. Rallies, protests, fiery appearances in courts and assemblies have long been ineffective. The results are equal to 0.

The most effective method today has proven to be owning land, even if it is a small piece of land, and stopping desctrutive activities, restoring the ecosystem, or if it is an untouched forest, to keep it in that state. The pooling of efforts of the neighbours in this direction gives this movement considerable strength.
For our part, we are working to strengthen our creative community through state support.

2. You understand the importance of clean air, water and natural foods that have not been restored or artificially produced, and you want to make this a reality for your children and grandchildren.
And this is not a hypothetical wish or thought, but a growing real need that is ready to be put into practice.

3. The jungle is the source, the place where the laws of nature apply and not the so-called laws of society modified by man. It is possible to go back to the beginning and build relationships from scratch.

4. Jungle forests are a rich home for healing and magical plants. One can contribute to the restoration of the population of medicinal plants, which have been depleted as a result of the destructive interests of the society in the last 30 years.

We support our participants in the development and implementation of their projects on the acquired plots. We offer advice on environmental issues and help in cooperation with local authorities and public organisations.
We support the exchange of experience between the participants of the project and share our knowledge in organic farming, the cultivation of fruit and vegetables under local conditions and the integration of modern technologies while taking into account the preservation of the local biosphere.

We are available if you have any questions or are interested in joining our community. Contact us
We coordinate the process to ensure the security of your rights and property and to make the legal process as simple and fast as possible for you.
Our team takes care of examining and selecting plots in the Amazon region, as well as providing complete legal support on-site. We perform the following tasks:

1. The selection of plots is based on various criteria, with particular attention given to the location, as all plots are grouped in areas that may be of interest to agricultural enterprises.

2. We check the documenttaion of the land, the owners, etc. We carry out checks on the state property register and other organizations dealing with the regulation of land ownership.

3. We provide legal support for the execution of the purchase contract, offering assistance in the transaction involving licensed notaries. There is the possibility of the buyer’s personal presence or settlement through an authorized representative.

4. We work to transform the land plots into nature reserves in order to maintain and increase their ecological value. This involves ressource-intensive work to change the legal status of the selected land areas, which are currently part of the agricultural sector. Our mission is to transform them into protected areas with a clearly defined scope and volume. This is our vision for the future.

Our partners are: The Ministry of Agriculture, the National Service for State Protected Natural Areas (Sernanp), la iniciativa MapBiomas, Instituto del Bien Común (IBC), (Sandra Ríos — Coordinación por RAISG & Coordinadora Técnica), notary offices Notaría CÁRDENAS VILLACORTA, Notaría CAVIDES LUNA, Notaría SALAZAR BERNEDO, JOSE MANUEL, as well as licensed lawyers in Peru.

Our project is a way to contribute to the future of our planet and create a constitutive community of like-minded people. We are ready to welcome everyone who wants to share our mission and take action. Contact us to learn more about and become part of the Jungle Synergy Project. Jungle Synergy Project FAQ Jungle Synergy