Project Jungle Synergy FAQ

Foreign ownership of land in Peru


Our Jungle Synergy Project has already aroused great interest, so we strive to make all steps and processes as transparent as possible. In this context, we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Can a foreigner acquire land in Peru?

According to the national legislation of Peru and the regional law of Loreto, a foreigner can own land without hindrance.

2. What documents does a foreigner need to buy land (what visa or residency status)?

According to Peruvian law, any foreigner who has a legal status in the country can acquire land. Even if you only have a visa-free „tourist-status“, you can still sign a purchase contract. To do this the following conditions must be met: You must not exceed the allotted stay in the country and you must legalize your signature. The legalization process for this is simple and can be done online. The cost for this is 15.80 Soles.

Risks and safety when buying land in the Amazon

3. What are the risks when buying land in this region? Is the land legal and secure for acquisition?

Purchasing land in the Amazon region can carry certain risks, as this region is known for its issues with illegal land use, illegal deforestation, violations of indigenous people’s rights, and ecosystem degradation. These problems can affect the legality of land transactions and the security of acquisition.

However, all plots that make up the Jungle Synergy Project are carefully selected based on these criteria. All plots have a clearly defined legal and ecological status that complies with local and national laws, are registered in the land registry, have entries in the national monitoring registry for land registries (SUNARP), and have no contentious issues regarding property rights.

We help to collect all the necessary documents and coordinate the transaction, which is handled by reputable notary offices in the city of Iquitos.

4. What services are provided by the team dedicated to the selection and inspection of the plots and what level of professionalism does the team have?

Our team offers a wide range of services, from the selection and examination of land plots in the Amazon region to complete legal support on site. We have been working in the region for over 10 years and only collaborate with highly qualified professionals who have in-depth knowledge in the field of land law and the environment, as well as extensive experience in these areas.

We offer services in the selection of plots, verification of land and ownership documentation, and assistance in the execution of purchase and sale contracts with the help of licensed notaries. Additionally, we focus on converting selected properties into protected nature reserves, which provides buyers with an additional guarantee of security.

We strive to provide our clients with the highest level of professionalism and service quality. In our work, we use modern technologies and methods to ensure precision and reliability in the selection and verification of plots. Additionally, we constantly monitor changes in legislation and environmental standarts to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information and security guarantees when purchasing land in the Peruvian Amazon region.

5. What kind of restrictions are there on the use of the land I want to purchase?

When purchasing land as part of our eco-project, you agree to the preservation of the natural ressources of the Amazon and become part of our community of environmentalists. Naturally, there are certain restrictions on the use of the land you acquire within the framework of our project. In particular, you cannot carry out activities on this land that could harm the environment, including deforestation, pollution of water resources, and others. We monitor compliance with these restrictions strictly and are ready to provide the necessary support and advice on the use of the land within the framework of our project.

In addition, our eco-project includes the use of modern technologies for agriculture on the acquired plots. We recognize the importance of ecologically sustainable agriculture and other methods of land use that reduce the negative impact on the environment. We support and promote the use of recycling technologies and methods, as well as environmentally friendly energy sources such as solar panels. Our team is ready to offer advice and assistance in the application of these technologies to maintain the ecological sustainability of the acquired land.

6. What are the prospects for the future development of this region and my investments in this land?

We are not simply inviting investors, but people who are interested in the life and activities of the Jungle Synergy Project. Investing in the project can not only provide you with a healthy and fulfilling life in the Amazon biosystem but also long-term profit prospects.

The region where your plot is located has great potential for the development of ecotourism and the sustainable use of natural resources. We can advise you on different land use options that can be profitable while preserving the natural environment.

We are taking all necessary measures to preserve nature and to create favourable conditions for the development of ecotourism. In addition, one of our areas of work is the transfer of land to the status of private reserve. This means that in the future the property will be part of a rich nature and protected at the state level, which can increase its value. Therefore, we are confident about the development prospects of the region and your investments in it.

7. Can there be problems with local residents or neighbours claiming that the land plot is theirs?

The documentation review of the property includes a complete review of the propertie’s history. We only select those properties with no disputed questions and that have a clear state document confirming ownership. The purchase and sale process is notarial and in the final phase, it includes obtaining an extract from the SUNARP, which definitively confirms the buyer’s ownership.
In case of complaints, the situation will be resolved at the local police level, where we are always ready to help. Jungle Synergy ProjectThe project uses modern technologies that promote nature conservation and the creation of art.