Welcome to Weles Group!

Our company is registered in Peru under the legal form of S.A.C. which is compatible with a JSC.

Our Business

 We are offering services for those who want to invest in an emerging country.

These could be investments in

  • Primary production

  • Industrial sector

  • Service sector

  • Information technology

  • Recycling and waste management

Our multifaceted services for you

  • Making market analysis in Peru on your behalf

  • Searching for goods on your behalf in the Peruvian Market for export purposes

  • Offering your goods on Peruvian Market

  • Searching  business partners for you in Peru and Europe to build your startup here

Helping you to obtain Visa in Peru

 With our competent knowledge we are able to advise you applying for a visa and obtain it.

Concretely we handle the organisation and the support of your application for the following types of visas:

  • Work Visa

  • Business Visa

  • Retirement Visa

Also we can advise you by founding and leading a new company in Peru.

For further questions and consultations contact us under CONTACTS