Buy your own jungle paradise!

Live in the heart of the jungle. 

Wonderful ambience in the region of Fernando Lores, Loreto, Peru.

This exceptional property with lush and pristine surroundings is located only 2 km from the nearest village.Wooden Bungalows: Living in a Natural Environment.

Details of the property:

The property covers 57.5 hectares. The generous area offers a variety of uses: from residential development to ecotourism, agriculture, fish farming, etc. ....

Natural treasures in abundance

  • Three year-round forest streams, four drinking water wells and numerous springs provide an inexhaustible source of water for daily needs, possible agricultural projects and/or ecological activities.
  • The vegetation ranges from pristine wilderness to 10 year old regenerating forest.
  • Exotic fruits from the orchards: from umarí to Brazil nut trees.
  • Fish ponds: On the property there is a functional lake of 800 square meters, inhabited by fish and turtles, as well as about 30 natural lakes, ideal for fish farming. Forest Streams: Natural Water Sources.

Comfortable wooden structures:

Zone I: 

Here you will find five bungalows (40 m²) with toilets and showers, designed for civilized living. 

An administrative complex offers office space, a kitchen and a large warehouse with a total area of 1500m².

Equipment: Solar panels, diesel generators, refrigerator, washing machine, gas stove and various kitchen and dining utensils.

Additional facilities: Office, kitchen, five forest bungalows, drinking water well, water tower, self-regenerating septic system, fully equipped bakery, ready to open for business, carpentry shop, warehouse with wood materials, garden and construction equipment, and a chicken coop for 30-40 chickens.

Zones II and III:

Fully equipped and functional, these areas offer forest kitchens, drinking water wells and a total of seven forest bungalows (16-24 m²). 

A water tower and sewage treatment plant are also available.

Zone IV:

There are six forest houses with showers and toilets, a large community building, and a water tower and septic system. 

All buildings are in the final stages of completion. 

The total built-up area is approximately 600m².Structures in the Jungle: Comfort and Convenience.


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Central office 400m²