Charapita: Exotic Spice from Peruvian Amazon

Unique Peruvian Yellow Pepper with Fruity Flavor and Spicy Heat

Peruvian yellow pepper, Charapita, is a recently discovered exotic spice that has already gained popularity among spice enthusiasts in Europe and Russia. Despite its similarity to other yellow pepper grains, Charapita is unique, as it is a dried whole chili fruit that does not exceed 5 mm in diameter.

Natural and Hand-Picked Charapita with High-Quality Processing

At our company, we grow Charapita peppers exclusively in natural conditions, on small plots scattered throughout the Peruvian Amazon. Our plants are not exposed to pesticides and nitrates, due to the distance from agricultural plantations.

Charapita peppers are hand-picked and processed without the use of chemicals or preservatives to ensure the safety and quality of the product. We offer dried fruits for use in a mill and ground dry yellow pepper, certified and produced with minimal processing.

Cooperating with us guarantees a high-quality product. Contact us for prices and orders.Charapita pepper is grown exclusively in natural conditions.Aji Charapita is certified.Charapita pepper is collected exclusively by hand.