Private Homes Deep in the Jungle

Our private homes are located deep in the jungle on a vast property of 75-100 hectares, all in private ownership. Only 20 private houses will be built, each situated at a considerable distance from one another. The size of each house ranges from 80m² to 120m²

Standard Amenities and Conditions of Stay

Our standard amenities include wooden floors and ceilings, walls made of plastic mesh, furniture, shower and toilet, separate fireplace, running water and sewage, as well as solar panels for electricity.

Getting to the Location and Contact Information

The property is located deep in the jungle, with the nearest settlement being a considerable distance away. During the dry season, you can reach the houses in 15 minutes by motorcycle or 20 minutes on foot, but during the rainy season and on washed-out roads, it may take up to 1.5 hours on foot. The property boundaries are clearly marked, and the houses will be located in the central area, requiring an additional 20-40 minutes of walking.

For any inquiries, please contact usHomes in the Jungle