Eco-Project SAN MARI "Gateway to the Jungle"

Residential Complex of Environmentally Friendly Homes in the Amazon Jungle

SAN MARI Eco-Project "Gateway to the Jungle" is a residential complex of environmentally friendly homes located a short distance from the city. Standard homes range from 40-60 square meters with land plots starting at 500 square meters. For those interested in custom-built homes, areas from 80-250 square meters are available. The standard homes are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living, including wooden floors and ceilings, a ventilated roof, walls made of plastic mesh with wooden finishes, furniture and plumbing, as well as water supply and sanitation.

These homes are powered by solar batteries. When ordering the standard kit, it is possible to take into account the customer's wishes for external and internal decoration, as well as add small architectural elements.

The development and construction of custom-built homes take into account the location of the specific plot, the landscape, the materials used, the peculiarities of operation in the climate conditions, and the reaction of the immediate environment. We are ready to discuss, offer, and implement the most daring customer ideas.

Our territory is located two kilometers from the city. All land is registered through the cadastre and is privately owned. We have clean key water, clean air of the Amazon jungle, renewable sources of energy, and well-thought-out infrastructure. The "Gateway to the Jungle" project is suitable for various purposes such as life, leisure, work, and development, using the full power of the Amazon jungle.

Standard and Custom-built Homes on Plots from 500m²

Homes and plots are available for purchase through pre-order and prepayment with registration in private ownership. Design is available on pre-order and prepayment terms. Rent from the owner is available for periods ranging from one week to three months.

When ordering a custom-built project, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the place and the environment on the terms of guest rental.Standard and Custom-built Homes