Rainforest Conservation Program

In the midst of pristine nature, a few kilometers away from the city of Iquitos on the banks of the Amazon, lies a piece of virgin Amazonian rainforest. Here, a group of like-minded individuals is developing a rainforest conservation program that includes the construction of ecologically clean settlements on purchased jungle plots.

Purchase a Piece of Pristine Nature

Now, everyone can contribute to this program and purchase a plot of land for construction. Here, you will find clean air, crystal-clear water, exceptional tranquility, and the surrounding pristine nature of the rainforest. You will live away from the noise and bustle of civilization, enjoying the tropical beauty and getting acquainted with the wildlife and plant life of the jungle.

Conditions for Buying Land Plots

The company guarantees complete peace and seclusion from the hustle and bustle of civilization for those who purchase land plots. The only way to get here is by river or on foot through the jungle. The purchase of land is carried out on legal grounds, with the issuance of a title to the property right and registration with government agencies.

To obtain detailed information on purchasing land plots, please contact usRainforest