Noble Wood Species for Export

We export only noble wood species grown in the jungle. We use only naturally fallen trunks that have been lying there for decades to guarantee the quality and durability of our products.

Product Details

Art 1: Violeta / Amaranth / Violettholz / Purpleheart / Petogyne Venosa;
Art 2: Palo sangre / Brosmium rubescens / B. porense / Satin Bloodwood;
Art 3: Tauari / Couratiari guianesis / Brazilian Wild Cherry

Especially hard wood species up to 1000 kg/m³

Delivery conditions:

We deliver wood only by legal means with all necessary certificates and licenses from Peru. The cost of the order depends on the quality, quantity, and destination country of the wood. The cost of transportation is calculated separately. Payment is accepted only by bank transfer. When placing an order, please specify the dimensions of the wood blanks, taking into account the significant weight of the wood.

Principles of wood processing:

Please contact us before placing an order. We do not cut down trees, so it is necessary to take into account the volume of our warehouse and processing capabilities. CONTACTSWorkers of the company in the jungle on timber harvesting.Couratiari guianesis, Brosmium rubescens, Purpleheart